You are using a computer running Windows 10 operating system. If your computer is not running properly, you may encounter some strange error that your computer is running slowly and often crashes and now you want to reset the default operating system state.

The Windows 10 operating system has the answer for you in this case. The operating system gives you several options that you can use to restore the operating system to its original default state.

Here are instructions on how to reset Windows 10 to its initial default state:

[Step 1] Navigate to “Settings” by clicking the gear icon on the Start-Menu

[Step 2] Select “Update & Security

[Step 3] Click on “Recovery” on the left panel then click on Get started at  “Reset this PC” on the right panel.

[Step 4] Click on Keep my files or Remove everything” depends on whether you want to keep your personal files.

  • Select Keep my files“: removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.
  • Select “Remove everything“: removes all of your personal files, apps and settings.

[Step 5] Select Just remove my files or”Remove files and clean the drive

  • If this is your personal computer then you choose Just remove my files” 
  • If you reset for someone to use this computer (for example, if you sell this machine to someone) then you choose Remove files and clean the drive“, with this option, the others will be hard to restore your data is stored on the hard drive.

[Step 6] Click on “Next” if Windows warns you can not return to the operating system version earlier

[Step 7] Every thing is ready, click on Resetto process reset windows.

Windows will restart and take some time to complete reset.

[Step 8] Click on “Continue” then test the results.

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